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    QOTD – Do your friends get a say?

    Sooner or later in your dating life, you reach the point of introducing that  potential special someone to your friends. Most of us get nervous about this and just pray it goes well. Sometimes it does. Other times, not so much.

    How much influence does your friends opinions have on your decision to keep seeing someone? Do you pay attention to & trust their thoughts? Do you do your own thing regardless?

    I used to be firmly in the “No way, no how!” camp when it came to listening to anyone else. (Some call me stubborn. I prefer to think of it as tenacious.) As much as it pains me to admit it, I have been burned in a relationship or two. Haven’t we all? In most of those cases, I could have avoided a lot of unnecessary heartache had I listened to my friends. However I was determined to prove them all wrong and went marching ahead. Oops!

    Finally I can say that I have reached a point in my life, where I am happy to swallow my pride and listen. The key is to know which of your friends to listen to.  Everyone has an opinion. Question is which of these are ones with your best interest at heart, versus the ones where they is an underlying agenda. Over time I have learned which of my friends to put my trust in. Oddly it is not always my best or closest friends that I will turn to in this case. (Don’t we all have that best friend that is also a cock blocker?!)

    I am not about to stop spending time with my friends just because I am in a relationship.  It is important to me that there be harmony and balance in my life. While I don’t need everyone to be madly in love with each other, there does need to be respect and understanding.

    That’s my take. What’s yours?


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    Question of the Day: Are you a statusmonger?

    Status is all around us, impacting our daily lives. You cannot avoid it.  We judge people by where they live, their profession/occupation, what they do or do not drive, the clothes they wear, just to name a few.

    Sometimes we are well aware of the assumptions we make about someone and other times we are simply blissfully unaware (or purely ignorant) of it.  Like it or not, we ALL do it in some way. “Judge not, that ye be not judged” – has this given us carte blanche in terms of judging others, telling us that we can judge as long as we are willing to be judged ourselves? (Mom & Dad be proud – I do remember things from all those years you drug me to church!)

    I am not perfect (& really, life would be boring if I were.) I would like to say that status does not matter to me at all. On a scale of those living in Calgary, I would venture to guess it matters less to me than it does to many. HOWEVER – I do want someone that is self-sufficient. As long as my potential partner is happy with what they do, or are working towards what they want to be doing, that is what matters most to me.  Granted, I probably would not be happy with someone that was happy to spend their life pouring slurpees for someone else. Ambition is important. Also, I want someone I can be proud of being seen with, so I don’t want someone that is in a constant state of looking like they just rolled out of bed, or drug themselves out from underneath a bar stool.  That said, who someone is inside is much more important to me than who they are on the outside – the inside is what has staying power.

    How does status play into your dating and searching for someone you can build a relationship with? 

    I would love to hear you thoughts.

    (Thank you to @Smudged & @doglover100 for starting this discussion with me yesterday!)

    Welcome & please excuse the mess!

    I have been saying for months, that I would be starting a blog.  Saying & doing are two entirely different beasts.

    I am a perfectionist. Well at least in some was I am. In a lot of ways I am not. When it comes to presenting myself in a form such as this, I want things to be just right.  What does that mean? That I never get around to getting things done.

    I purchased my url quite some time ago.  And there it sits. I will be the first to admit I do not like these templates.  I need to create something a wee bit more me – this is where I need to start calling on my wonderful friends to give me the assistance and the kick in the pants to do so.

    In the mean time, this is better than nothing, right? Perhaps if I just start doing this, the other pieces will fall together – or at least the motivation to make them fit will come.

    So welcome!