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QOTD – What did you do on your favorite date?

Hello, Mother Nature, you fabulous looking lady!  It looks like spring has finally decided to start springing! I was away from the office unexpectedly the last two days of last week.  When I was last here, it still looked rather gloomy. Now the technicolour is popping out – the grass is much greener, dotted with bright yellow dandelions. Buds are bursting into bright, beautiful leaves! Makes it difficult to stay in a bad mood, even on the worst of days.
Spring is my favorite time of year to be dating! So many possibilities open up in terms of what is seasonably reasonable to do during that (what should be) fun dating period.  Even a date for drinks seems far more enjoyable when it can be done on a sunny patio while swapping stories and laughs. Picnics, Frisbee, mini golf, long walks along the river or through Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. The possibilities in this city are endless!
QOTD – What has been your favorite date that you have either gone on or planned?

QOTD – Do you fall into the ageism trap in your dating life?

Mentally, I had already picked today’s question of the day and started forming my blog post.  Then I got a few suggestions sent to me by various people and started to rethink my plan. Of course this meant that something else go thrown my way in terms of a topic and I am going to run with it.  Proof positive that I have the ability to be flexible about things as the need arises.
QOTD – Do you fall into the ageism trap in your dating life? Is it a factor in who you will and will not approach or talk to?
Firstly, I want to credit @Reactive_Candy for starting to broach this subject a few weeks ago.
The reason I am on this today, is that I have noticed a lot of grumbling about getting older by many on my Twitter feeds lately. Sometimes I do not mind it and somewhat empathize with the person. Others, my eyes roll out of my head – to the point that I might need medical help to put them back in place.
AGE IS A NUMBER! That is all. What matters is how you act, feel and approach life.  I know people that are far younger than e in terms of their chronicle age, yet you would think are a bazillionty years old based on how they act. That fact puzzles me.  However I am aware that if someone were to guess how old I am, most would be off by a few years (& I will not lie – that fact makes me gleefully happy!)
Yes, I had a breakdown on my 22nd birthday. A few friends literally had to drag me out of bed on that birthday and show me that life did INDEED continue.  Since then I have realized what a waste of time and energy it was to spend time fretting and moping about such a thing. Seriously. Is it really worth it to get all stressed out about turning another day older?! (Just to create waves – your first birthday marks the end of your first year of life. So using that reasoning, doesn’t turning 30 mark the end of the 30th year, therefore you have already survived it?)
Blah blah blah… Enough of my ramblings!
Age & Dating – My views. I have no hard rules for the most part.
I have found that there is a major mental shift in most people around the age of 25. From that point on, most maturing and changes in views occur because of life experiences rather than simply getting older.  As a result, you might be adorable, but I am not going to date you. 
Between the ages of 25 – 29, I will consider it on a case by case basis.  Some of my favorite friends fall into this age group, so I know there are some pretty amazing prospects.
30 – 40, I do not even think twice about age. At all.
41+ it all depends on the person, once again. If it is someone in that age group that very much acts that age ALL THE TIME, they are likely going to get rather annoyed with me at times. Why? I am quite mature, level-headed and approach life that way when I need to, I am also very young at heart and live that way as well. I am terrified of someone stifling that in me, as I think the fact that I am able to be that way is more of a bonus than a detriment.
How about you? Where do you fall in this great debate?

QOTD – First (few) date ideas. What are your favorites?

Let’s face it – meeting for coffee or drinks gets old quickly. Especially when you are heavily in the dating rotation. Sure, it is the safe choice but also keep in mind that your choice of date activity on those first few is a great way to let your personality shine and set you apart from all the other people in the dating people! 

Just remember SAY NO TO MOVIES on the first few dates! The whole point of this time is to converse, enjoy each others company and see if there is potential to keep moving forward. Sitting in a theatre does not make for great conversation, unless you want to be hushed by those around you. Plus, you will be judged by the movie you pick. Do you really want that pressure?

Post your ideas here, or tweet me & I will post the best ones later today!

Keep warm, dry and safe on these crazy roads. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Maybe stay home and drink margaritas instead. 😉

#QOTD – What gross behaviour have you encountered on a date?

Firstly, thank you (I think! :P) to @Smudged  for today’s question of the day.

Drum roll please…

What is the most disgusting/disturbing thing a person has done on a date with you? (ie: pick their nose, socks w/sandals, etc.)

And to satisfy my own curiosity, was this faux pas bad enough to keep you from going out with them again?

Happy Monday! Make this a fantastic week. 🙂

#QOTD – Are you lonely when you are not in a relationship?

Simple question, but not necessarily a simple answer.

Based on my observations over the years is that those that tend to quickly become miserable & complain often within a relationship, are those that got into one in the first place to combat loneliness.  If I am honest about this issue, I have fallen into this trap once or twice before myself.

When you are single, do you tend to be lonely? Is this your drive to find someone to be with? Are you a complete person without having a romantic partner in your life, or do you need someone else to make you whole?

If you are not lonely when you are single, what do you do to ensure that you are not?

There are definitely things that I miss when I do not have a romantic partner in my life.  Some things are intimate in nature and no matter how hard I try, that sense of belonging in a relationship just cannot be replaced. Beyond that, my life is quite complete.  I surround myself with some amazing and wonderful people – both family and friends. I have made a real effort in 2010 to be social & have been fortunate enough to have crossed paths with a handful of people that have quickly come great friends and I know I could reach out to if I were to need someone to lean on. Volunteer work, family time, hobbies, making efforts to learn and grow as a person are high priorities in my life. Due to all of this I can definitely say I am not lonely. My life is full and rewarding. That special someone will be fortunate enough to be the sparkly sprinkles on top of the icing!  You know the ones you ooooed & ahhhed over as a little kid (likely with your nose pressed right up against the glass at the bakery!) So much better than just being the icing, don’t you think?!

How about you?

QOTD – What do you most look forward to in your next relationship?

If you are anything like me, the answer to this question changes by the day. SO, you might find me asking you all this once in a while.

Today is one heck of a cold, blustery, grey, Eeyore like days.  One where it is easy to get sad and mopey if you aren’t careful.

Today I am really missing having someone to cuddle up with, talk, hug, kiss and just make a fabulous day out of one where Mother Nature is not cooperating as much as usual.  I look forward to having that back in my life when the right person comes along! 🙂

How about you?

Question of the Day: Are you a statusmonger?

Status is all around us, impacting our daily lives. You cannot avoid it.  We judge people by where they live, their profession/occupation, what they do or do not drive, the clothes they wear, just to name a few.

Sometimes we are well aware of the assumptions we make about someone and other times we are simply blissfully unaware (or purely ignorant) of it.  Like it or not, we ALL do it in some way. “Judge not, that ye be not judged” – has this given us carte blanche in terms of judging others, telling us that we can judge as long as we are willing to be judged ourselves? (Mom & Dad be proud – I do remember things from all those years you drug me to church!)

I am not perfect (& really, life would be boring if I were.) I would like to say that status does not matter to me at all. On a scale of those living in Calgary, I would venture to guess it matters less to me than it does to many. HOWEVER – I do want someone that is self-sufficient. As long as my potential partner is happy with what they do, or are working towards what they want to be doing, that is what matters most to me.  Granted, I probably would not be happy with someone that was happy to spend their life pouring slurpees for someone else. Ambition is important. Also, I want someone I can be proud of being seen with, so I don’t want someone that is in a constant state of looking like they just rolled out of bed, or drug themselves out from underneath a bar stool.  That said, who someone is inside is much more important to me than who they are on the outside – the inside is what has staying power.

How does status play into your dating and searching for someone you can build a relationship with? 

I would love to hear you thoughts.

(Thank you to @Smudged & @doglover100 for starting this discussion with me yesterday!)