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QOTD – What did you do on your favorite date?

Hello, Mother Nature, you fabulous looking lady!  It looks like spring has finally decided to start springing! I was away from the office unexpectedly the last two days of last week.  When I was last here, it still looked rather gloomy. Now the technicolour is popping out – the grass is much greener, dotted with bright yellow dandelions. Buds are bursting into bright, beautiful leaves! Makes it difficult to stay in a bad mood, even on the worst of days.
Spring is my favorite time of year to be dating! So many possibilities open up in terms of what is seasonably reasonable to do during that (what should be) fun dating period.  Even a date for drinks seems far more enjoyable when it can be done on a sunny patio while swapping stories and laughs. Picnics, Frisbee, mini golf, long walks along the river or through Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. The possibilities in this city are endless!
QOTD – What has been your favorite date that you have either gone on or planned?

Upcoming Events! May 15, 28 & 29

One of the biggest challenges is just getting out there to meet new people!  Calgary is an odd city that way.  Many people are friendly, but with how transiant the city has become, it has become much more difficult to meet people – especially if you are a newcomer.

That said, Calgary has a FABULOUS Twitter community.  Tweetups are held regularly and new people are always welcome and encouraged to come out! Just watch Twitter for invites floating around – most are open to anyone, so take a chance and Tweet back to whomever is tweeting about it to find out more.

I have three on the go right now! One is specifically geared towards singles.  All I ask is that if you are planning on attending, just send me a note so I can adjust any reservations or plans accordingly. 🙂 Also, if you do come out and are new, we will make sure you feel comfortable and have a great time!  Nothing worse than being the overlooked new person – it will not happen with me around.

May 15 – #yyceats – This is a group of people that enjoy going out, trying new foods, while enjoying the company of friends.  Ethiopian is the theme for the evening (we will be at Blue Nile in Kensington at 7pm.)  Our third outing & always a great time. The people that attend are different each time, so please don’t be shy about jumping in! Many meet up at The District for a drink or two before dinner. If you do not drive, someone is always happy to have you jump in with them.

May 28 – Our very first singles tweetup! (To my knowledge at least.) Plans are only just forming. If you have ideas, shoot them my way! Right now, we are loosely planning on hitting Garage at Eau Claire Market for an evening of shooting pool and mingling.

May 29 – A welcome to #yyc tweetup for @netchick, who is a wonderful lady from #yvr and was very active in the Twitter community out there. She will have just recently returned from her honeymoon and I am sure will be full of stories to share! Great opportunity for anyone new to come to come out as you are guaranteed to not the only one there.  This will be happening at Brewsters in McKenzie Towne at 2pm. Pray for sunshine as they have an amazing rooftop patio!

QOTD – First (few) date ideas. What are your favorites?

Let’s face it – meeting for coffee or drinks gets old quickly. Especially when you are heavily in the dating rotation. Sure, it is the safe choice but also keep in mind that your choice of date activity on those first few is a great way to let your personality shine and set you apart from all the other people in the dating people! 

Just remember SAY NO TO MOVIES on the first few dates! The whole point of this time is to converse, enjoy each others company and see if there is potential to keep moving forward. Sitting in a theatre does not make for great conversation, unless you want to be hushed by those around you. Plus, you will be judged by the movie you pick. Do you really want that pressure?

Post your ideas here, or tweet me & I will post the best ones later today!

Keep warm, dry and safe on these crazy roads. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Maybe stay home and drink margaritas instead. 😉