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30-something female, discovering the joys and frustrations of the current dating scene in Calgary. Encouraging opening discussion of dating tips, vents & triumphs we all experience in this crazy dating days.

I am a glass half-full kind of gal. I prefer to see the good when I can, but am human and have my moments (as you will see.) While I am single, I am not lonely as I surround myself with some amazing people.  Many of these folks can be found on Twitter along with me.

Like many, I am in search of that one right person that make life all the more sweet. Until then, life will be full of laughs & adventure as I continue on this often amusing journey.

Join in the fun!

For those that want the long version, grab your favorite drink & continue reading.  I am about to scratch the surface about who I am & what I am looking for (and yes, it is stolen directly from my dating profile)…

I am not a comic genius. I leave that to my friends. However, I laugh. ALL.THE.TIME. Can’t tell a joke to save my life, but I am the kind of girl that will always laugh at yours, even if they are corny. Being surrounded by people that have a great sense of humour is important to me. Sarcasm is an art I definitely appreciate when done well. Occasionally I’m accused of smartassery. By occasionally, I mean more often than that. Promise I will make you laugh – at least in person.

I love good conversation over a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a pint. I’ll meet you for coffee and I’m quite happy to discuss topics like current events, politics or religion without getting worked up. If you’re looking for an argument, you’re out of luck!

An active lifestyle is important to me. There are a lot of outdoor activities I enjoy, especially in the warmer months. Love to spend time out in the foothills and mountains, hiking or biking the day away. All the better when the day ends on a sunny patio, where we watch the sun set while enjoying dinner and a few pints.

My heart is often on my sleeve, even if I don’t let you see that right away. I’m sensitive, passionate and vivacious. I surround myself with a great circle of friends. I would do anything for them. I do my best to show those that I love and care about, how important they are to me. Friendships are something I treasure and do nurture them.

Vices: Coffee, music, Calgary Flames, books, a quality steak prepared medium rare, wine, cold microbrewed beer, mountain air, chicken wings, lip gloss, cheeseball humour, a good book.

Best features (according to others): Ability to laugh at most things, expressive eyes that can tell you more than I can tell you with words, beautiful smile (that I apparently need to use more), personable, friendly & VERY easy to get along with. I won’t be that clingy wallflower you dread taking places.

Still reading? I hope so!

Now it’s your turn! Obviously a sense of humour is a must! So is a brain that you are willing to engage now and then for interesting conversation. Romantic – I long to be swept off my feet. AND it can be in total cornball ways. I appreciate effort and creativity far more than anything else. Like most women, I really want to feel adored & appreciated (and I will definitely offer the same in return.) Being comfortable in your own skin is important to me, as I’m comfortable with myself. I’m not looking for a Ken doll, but someone real.

Do not want a McDude or a McDud. I’m the product of an eclectic upbringing, with a mother that’s big city European and a rural Alberta raised father. This has left me with a rather unique personality and set of interests. I’m not easily pigeonholed and can easily go from an active sport, to a Flames game and to check out an art show through the course of a day and be perfectly happy doing so. Would like someone in my life that is equally balanced and enjoys a wide range of life experiences. Just don’t ask me to go to a “professional” wrestling event. Well unless it involves jello – then you might be able to convince me.


One Response

  1. Hi 30 something

    I was just thinking that you are going to share all kinds of cool stuff and insights that will inform us (your readers) about who you are and yet we won’t know who you are.

    If you can’t because of some particular reason share who you are that is totally cool, but I wanted to at least say this could actually be a great opportunity to meet someone.

    Some one may read your stuff and think this is one chicky-d I would love to meet. I get that this isn’t the purpose of the blog (assuming here) but as in business it never hurts to take advantage of a little cross selling.


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